Friday, April 01, 2005

Mission Statement

1) We believe that the sexual impulse is one given to us by G-d, to be utilized in the most holy manner possible, by imitating G-d and creating new life in a loving caring marriage environment.

2) We are aware that sexual imagery surrounds us, assaulting us daily with stimulants in many walks of life, and although shielding our eyes, locking ourselves away or hiding may reduce these stimuli, this is often not a satisfactory or realistic solution.

3) We believe that marriage goes some way to resolving the problem, though this is not a reason or justification for jumping into marriage too soon, and many married people are still faced with similar issues.

4) We accept that praying to Hashem for help is a necessary and oft-neglected weapon in our struggle, and we will continue to ask for help even if we don’t seem to be succeeding.

5) We promise to pick ourselves off the floor every time we fail in this struggle, however long it takes, because we have faith that this is what Hashem requires of us, and Lefum Tsaarah Agra.

6) We appreciate that the Halachah forbids the temptations we struggle with and demands us to try and overcome our Yetser, and will be careful not to rationalize our deeds or our thoughts.

7) We will NEVER judge other people who may or may not be succeeding in their struggles, and we will ALWAYS look for ways grant people the benefit of the doubt. We will strive for a reduction in the public debate as to whether specific people are shomer negiah and we hope that society will recognize that this is a difficult and internal struggle for many religious people and not gossip or judge them for this.

8) We recognize that religious singles will come under increasing pressure in this field, especially in light of their growing numbers and propensity to get married later on in life, and we will support them in their quest to be Yerey Hashem and to find a worthy life partner.

9) We confess that often boredom or low self-esteem can be the triggers to lead us to temporarily fail in our struggles, and we will make an effort to reduce these factors as much as possible.

10) We demand the Jewish education system deals with sexuality from a positive religious perspective, rather than sweeping the issue under the carpet. Supportive, constructive perspectives to be found in the works of Rabbi Nachman and Rav Twersky, amongst others, should be brought in at the earliest stages of adolescent education. Guilt after succumbing to temptation can sometimes cause more damage than the averah itself.

11) We will set up support networks for religious people who find themselves faced with these temptations, and create a forum for people to express their views or advice.

12) We realize that there are Taryag Mitsvot, and each and every one of us is special, unique, and has our own struggles to face. We cannot know the outcome of our battles, other than this is where Hashem has placed us and this is what we must do. Finally, we will NEVER give up hope.


At 4/05/2005 7:54 AM, Anonymous panasait said...

well... you will forgive me for chosing answer in hebrew at my site?

my english is not so good for writing what I think about this lovely post :)))

At 4/05/2005 8:18 AM, Blogger The Rabbi's Kid said...

I promised Panasait that I would translate her post (liberally), so here goes:

"You formulated well the "statements" on this subject. So what's good about it? Somehow, in the remarkable way you wrote them I see that you've found a method how to bring human feelings into the dry law, which is open and known.

In today's age, it seems that we are too self-obsessed. "How do I feel about the mitsvot" sometimes gets more coverage than the fact that we serve G-d and have to serve Him with joy. You somehow drafted the principles in a manner that doens't ignore human feelings contemporary reality, and western culture that embodies "sin will crouch at your doorway". (These words are not meant as a criticism of western culture which has many positive attributes, rather relating to the less positive sides, which are influential.)"


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