Thursday, July 07, 2005

Britain - a ticking time bomb

Firstly, my sympathy and thoughts go out to our cousins across the pond. Condolences and Refuah Shelemah, and I hope you catch the b&*^rds who masterminded it and torture them very very slowly and very painfully.

More importantly, it was always a question of when rather than if. Britain used to have a laissez-faire policy with Islamic terror groups, whereby they were pretty much allowed to operate out of the UK if they didn't commit any acts of terror on the UK mainland. Once they became pretty well esconsed, it turned out to be a lot harder post-9/11 to track them down and turf them out. Mosques up and down the country were being used as centers of indoctrination, recruiting soldiers in the War against the West.

The civil libs people were so against ID cards. Europe failed to classify Hamas as a terrorist organization. Spain turned its tail and ran (not saying I blame them) which gave them more impetus to carry out their dirty deeds. Red Ken hugs and kisses those who support suicide bombings against the Israeli occupation, how can he complain when they use bombings against the US and UK occupation of Iraq?

I always kept these thoughts to myself, hoping against hope that I would be proved wrong. Well, I wasn't. Let's pray this finally wakes up the rest of Europe to their biggest ongoing crises, the influx of millions of highly impressionable. Forget the EU constitution, if this war breaks out further Europe is looking at a major fifth column across its borders, an insidious enemy who wants to tear it apart from within. People across the world must unite to bring an end to this, do everything we can to win this war.

A deeply upset TRK


At 7/07/2005 5:38 PM, Blogger Karl said...

Ken just plays to the crowd. We all know what he is really like - actions speak louder than words.
TRK - I hope you had a good week - been a bit quiet on here! Hope you have a RELAXING Shabbos. Enjoy it!

At 7/07/2005 7:33 PM, Blogger LostSpirit said...

To make millions of innocent Moslems pay the price because of a few terrorists is playing in to the hands of terror just as much. What is needed is a balance. And some times having a balanced approach to civil liberties will have its casualties but the price of not protecting civil rights is even higher. (The above is just IMHO and the other side of the coin)

At 7/08/2005 1:55 AM, Anonymous Safiyyah said...

Oh no! My Jewish friend is turning against me! I'm kidding. But know that what happened in London is very distressing to me and to many other Muslims too. I don't know whether your approach will solve anything.
Be well, TRK.

At 7/08/2005 3:35 AM, Blogger mousetrap84 said...

i very much agree with lostspirit - i.d. cards : not the way to go! we need to remember what we are trying to defend while at the same time trying our best to protect the lives of our citizens. the problem with all uniting to fight terror is A. we would have to lump all terrorist groups together- something the world is not ready to do. Europe especially, wants to believe that terrorism in other places ( for instance israel) is different -one person's terrorist another person's freedom fighter.until we realize that terrorism's validity is not dependent on the context, we are not going to be able to unite to fight it. the world needs to unite in a clear statement that terrorisms is an absolutely invalid means to any end. the second problem , it requires us to agree. now we all know that is not gonna happen anytime soon .

At 7/08/2005 4:12 AM, Blogger Jameel @ The Muqata said...

TRK: ID cards ARE the way to go. We don't let nobody into the Muqata without one.

I wonder how many Palestinians were dancing on the rooftops yesterday when they heard about London? I'm sure they were...

Have a Safe and Quiet Shabbat.

At 7/08/2005 5:20 AM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

TRK AND Jameel, I totally agree with both of you. I have nothing more to add. TRK, you've said it perfectly. Jameel, don't have a heart attack b/c I agree with you. Lost spirit, priorities severely need to be rearranged when people are dying. Civil liberties are important, but so is ensuring that people are ALIVE to enjoy them.


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