Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Modern Midas

The gods looked kindly on him, he was blessed with the gifts of life, health, and brains, and was asked what he wishes for from his gift. What is the one main purpose he will dedicate his gifts for?

He wished his wife should wear gold-earrings, his daughter wears gold sparkly Fifth Avenue clothes, his son has the latest gold-plated X-box, he drives the latest Gold-enamelled lacquered veneer Lexus.

His Wall-street corner office with the gold pen, pencil and letter-opener set, the latest golden Treo, his coiffured secretary with the golden thighs, his priceless Gold Mastercard, the golden tooth he vainly demanded from his dentist.

Their pedigree golden labrador, exquisite golden tulips, gold club members for their ski trips to Europe, a golden donation for the Yom Kippur appeal.

And when the gods ask him what he did with his gifts?



At 6/30/2005 3:45 PM, Blogger Shopaholic said...

Wow! Talk about bling,bling!


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