Monday, April 18, 2005

Hakol Bidey Shamayim - Everything is in the Hands of G-d

I see that there is not enough Torah on this blog - as a Rabbi's Kid, scion of a great Rabbinic family and product of some quality Yeshivot, I've decided to put a few pieces up, but not your regular run of the mill Divrey Torah, rather interesting ideas and food for thought (mmmmmm, food).

I'm not going to delve into the age old question of free-will and determinism quite yet. A similar question faced by many belief systems is the issue of human action against divine intervention. Bitachon vs Hishtadlut. Hishtadlut wins 3-0 in overtime. One phrase in Gemara Berachot 33b has majorly influenced my way of thinking. It says "Hakol Bidey Shamayim Chutz Miyirat Shamayim" which means everything is in the Hands of G-d except for the Fear of Heaven (G-d).

One can intepret this axiom in many ways. I utilize it to mean that I should work, earn a living, do my bit, but ultimately whatever comes to me is a gift from Heaven, a grant, a test even. I don't deserve it. It's not really mine. If I have money, it is for me to use charitably, lending money to friends, buying presents for family, taking people out for dinner. If anyone needs to use or borrow something of mine, they can do so. It's not mine. It comes from Heaven. If I have material wealth I have to use it properly. And if I don't, so be it. I'll live. I just have to worry about doing my bit, and making sure I recognize that it all comes from above.



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