Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Not political, honest

Just been reading Dershowitz's "Why Terrorism Works" as well as an online article by Norman Podhoretz, and I am constantly amazed by the obtuseness and stupidity of most of the international community, especially in dealing with terrorism. AD's description of the response to (mainly) Arab terrorism beginning in the late 60's is astounding.

Don't want to get bogged (blogged?) down in a political debate, so I will pose a theological question. Is G-d laughing at us? Placing Israel in the Middle East, giving the Arabs the oil reserves, providing a Europe thriving off entrenched anti-semitism? Boy, He really has it in for us!

I guess challenge brings the best out of people, and G-d's gift of blood libels, the Crusades, the Inquisition, Cossacks, the Nazis and Arab terrorism and warmongering is a way of keeping us in check and ensuring we stay on our toes. Will it ever end?

A frustrated and concerned TRK


At 4/05/2005 5:29 AM, Blogger dilbert said...

ela sh'bechol dor vador omdim aleinu lechalotanu.(in every generation there are those who want to wipe us out-translated for your readers who may need it, not for you) I dont recall where the Haggaddah got it, but unfortunately that is our lot in life. It ends when mashiach comes, but that shouldn't stop us from trying to persevere without him.


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