Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Jewish mothers of the world - a request

Dear mothers,

Your lovely Michael/Rachel/Daniel is a self-sufficient adult, capable of making life choices for himself. He doesn't need to be told that "he is nothing until he is married", "I know this lovely girl, she's half your age, twice your height, looks like Saddam Hussein and smells like old socks, but you never know". Please! Parents. Singles have enough on their plate. Just give quiet and gentle encouragement and stay in the background. And if we choose not to date for the time being, respect our choice. If we want your help/advice, we will ask for it.

For the record, my mother has never once put pressure on me (other than wanting grandkids) and doesn't raise the topic unless it's in jest. I know every joke has some truth, but I merely respond in jest, thereby deflating any hopes she may have for me.



At 4/06/2005 3:36 AM, Blogger tafka PP said...

I think even if they don't actually say it, they still think it. And the "quiet and gentle encouragement" can get just as tiresome.

At 4/08/2005 6:50 AM, Blogger tafka PP said...

Via NJG's blog- compulsive lurking.

You just freaked me out a little with your Frum Gay rant tho, I'll be retreating back into the ortho-liberal arena! Good luck with the blog.


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