Friday, May 06, 2005

Mrs. TRK - if you are reading this and you are from Limerick

I know you are out there, a bit like the truth,
Don't you know that I'm looking for you?
Please stay strong,
I'm coming right along,
When we meet I need it as Plato would do.

Like a bull in a china shop,
I don't know when to stop.
Libidous astray,
Will lead me away,
And I'll hate you for it too.



At 5/06/2005 9:03 AM, Anonymous ClooJew said...

hmmm...lulei demistafina, not quite ralph waldo emerson.


Good effort. And good Shabbos

At 5/06/2005 12:23 PM, Blogger TwennyTwo said...


what is it with the irish connekshun lately?

anyway funny rhyme. Thanks for the comments...


At 5/07/2005 4:50 PM, Blogger LostSpirit said...

An Irish Chasidic rabbish dynasty!!! Wow now that sure sounds exciting (-:

and BTW on your last post well i am thick skinned and NOT proud of it.

At 5/08/2005 12:59 AM, Blogger The Rabbi's Kid said...

CJ, I don't think RWE wrote limericks!

Twenny two, I love de oirish.

LS, I think it's a good thing to be able to ignore destructive insults.

At 9/19/2005 7:45 PM, Blogger Mata Hari said...

ok - i love your writing, but this was awful.

here's one-----

there was a guy named trk
if there's one thing we know, he's not gay
he sounds like he's harried
he wants to get married
but still wants to stay single and play

if he meets a girl with brains and bite
he'll go after her with all his might
wonder if he'll still blog
i'm sure we're all agog
to find out if it turns out all right

At 9/20/2005 1:21 AM, Blogger The Rabbi's Kid said...

like it!


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