Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Confessions of a Rabbi's Son - I once fell in love with a girl's mind

On the Nice Jewish Girl thread cloojew makes a comment about me being attracted to NJG based on her inner beauty.

Reminds me of a saga a while back. J (initials have been changed to protect privacy) was a girl I had grown up with, though we were not particularly friendly growing up. A few years back we became properly friendly through some mutual friends, and starting having an online "relationship". She really got my humor, was witty, sharp, educated and we could chat for hours, about anything. To be honest, I wasn't so attracted to her physically, but I would get that excited feeling (nothing dirty boys, calm down) whenever she was online, or whenever we chatted on the phone. You know, that gnawing minor pain in your abdomen that is a cross between nerves and excitement.

Sounds great, I hear you say? J. was also unfortunately dating a friend of mine at the time. Oh, you adulterer, how could u do that to him? you ask. Well, I was under the impression I was doing nothing wrong. We would sometimes even discuss their relationship (I can't remember if I played the good-old "I am just a friend who cares who is telling you that maybe he is bad for you when really I am thoroughly jealous and want to persuade you subliminally to dump him so I can have you" role). This went on for some time, even when we were in different countries.

It reached the stage when I realised I had fallen in love with her mind (is that possible, still don't know?), and had decided to tell her, get it out in the open, and see what we could do about it (stupid me).

You know what, I'll keep u in suspense for the conclusion (I just need my ego stroked by seeing the hit counter rise meteorically).

To be continued ....



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