Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Fleeting recollections of fallen heroes

Where are you, my memories of the saintly ones, the holy ones?
My mind wishes to encompass your totality, now that you are gone.
You gave up your life, I can no longer grab you, grasp you, clasp you close to me.
You are merely a number engraved on the forearm of Israel, nothing more.
Your face, smile, warmth and love have all dissipated into the sacred air.
The earth sheds tears for you, the soil that now nurtures you, foetus-like.
What have I sacrificed for you, O martyr? I feel despair envelop me.
There is no siren song, no sweet tune, just a poignant alarm sounding in our hearts.
The only air-raid is inside us, but there is no shelter, no safe place to hide.
Your spirit lives on, ever-lasting, ever-present, ever-calling us to a higher goal.
I stand still for a minute, while you remain still for eternity.

I shall remember you.



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