Monday, May 09, 2005

To my sister the settler - an open letter

Note: Please read both this and the next post together. This is not a pro or anti disengagement post (I can appreciate both sides of the argument), please keep the comments off that angle if you can.

You are part of what has been a pivotal movement in Israeli society. You accomplished things and made sacrifices that the original Chalutsim would be proud of. Maybe had the rest of Am Yisrael followed you things would be very different. But they didn't. And they aren't.

You feel betrayed by the government, screwed by your former idealist, abandoned by your people by an undemocratic decision. You have been demonized and de-humanized by the press, both in Israel and abroad. Portayed as monsters whose life is worth less than other humans, you have suffered unspeakable terror.

I understand and appreciate all of that. You wish to revolt, to upheave the goverment, to cause destruction until the decree is overruled. I appreciate your desire for civil unrest, though you also have to accept the response of tghe legal system to your actions. You can burn tires on the Ayalon, but drivers who have sat in an office all day and want to get home to their spouses may be justifiably angry with you.

You may express passive resistance to someone throwing you out of your home. But remember that these are the same soldiers and policeman who put their lives on the line for many years to protect you. They are comporting with the principle of discipline and it is not personal. I know that the police, like in every country, are very heavy handed. Policemen have to deal with troublesome people daily and would rather use excessive force to restrain them than daily be involved in a tussle to control someone. So please do not take it out on the police or soldiers.

You wish to persuade the people of Israel and the outside world of the erroneousness of the plan and how it caves to terror. Threats to the Prime Minister or Mr. Basi will not win you supporters. Suggesting wearing orange stars will drive people away from your cause. Sabotaging army equipment that tax payers must pay to fix will not help. Pictures of thousands of wild, payot wearing, hippy-looking indoctrinated youth fighting soldiers who have come to demolish an ILLEGAL outpost do not serve your cause. Use every democratic tool available, protest, publish, demonstrate, argue, debate. But realize that there is a line.

I understand you. I want you to understand others.



At 5/10/2005 8:11 AM, Anonymous Jameel said...

Sorry, I just don't understand what you are trying to get at. This fictional sister you are writing to does not exist - and if she does, definitly NOT in Gush Katif or the Northern Shomron.

"Pictures of thousands of wild, payot wearing, hippy-looking indoctrinated youth fighting soldiers who have come to demolish an ILLEGAL outpost do not serve your cause."

OK - so I live in Gush Katif, and a demonstation like the above happens, so what do I do?

The above outpost is NOT ILLEGAL, its "unauthorized". In pre-67 Israel, a municpality is entitled to issue building permits within its municipal confines. In Post-67 Israel, the government un-democratically "regulates" what can be built where, and can freeze everything it feels like. Do they care how much the PA builds (creating their own "facts on the ground")? No.

I expect the Police to forcebly evict us from shul in Kfar Darom as we daven and hold onto the sifrei torah. We will video this and show the world how Jews are treated by fellow Jews in the 21rst century. Sorry, I don't think you "get it" at all - because if you did, you wouldn't have written your "letter to a settler" in the first place.

Happy Yom Haatzmaut.

The Muqata

At 5/10/2005 9:43 AM, Blogger The Rabbi's Kid said...

Hi Jameel,

I didn't realize internet zahav made it to the Muqata.

Thanks for your comment, if I may clarify I was actually referring to previous instances in recent past where specifically illegal outposts (under Israeli law) have been removed (or attempted to be removed) and the sights I described actually occured.

As for your comment that I don't "get it", I beg to differ. I am speaking from the perspective of someone who can see both sides of the argument (I'm not going to come out on one particular side here) but also wanted to make some points to people from both sides of the debate. Areas where in my perspective they go wrong and could improve, especially if they wish to persuade those in the middle. Telling me "I don't get it" isn't gonna convince me of the veracity of your viewpoint.

Please be careful with the Sifrey Torah, I really don't know what else I can say to your threat.


At 5/11/2005 1:49 AM, Anonymous Jameel said...

Hi TRK -

1. The outposts are not illegal. Even PM Sharon who gives the orders to have them destroyed is very careful never to call them "illegal" -- but rather "unauthorized." You claim not to have taken sides, yet you chose the word "illegal" instead of "unauthorized." PR and semantics form the opinions of the public. You should be very careful in your terminology when talking about Eretz Yisrael. Klal Yisrael is still suffering from the "semantical analysis" of 10 individuals of the "Conference and Federation of Major Jewish Tribes"

2. As for "getting it" -- Do you live here? Have you spoken to people who went through the expulsion from Yamit? Do you know the social, personal, and psychological impact from the Yamit expulsion? And that was after living there 7 years. Gush Katif has 4 generations of people living there. Are you willing to go to the Cohen family's house in Kfar Darom, and expell 3 kids with missing limbs from their home? (So that their attackers GET the Cohen home???) Are you willing to destroy the 10's of yeshivot that learn day and night? Evacuate the people learning there?

Dr. Nitsa Kalish, an expert in stress management and crisis situations has been interviewing Jews deported from Yamit. She has so far found that of the 79 families she has interviewed, she said 90 percent of them said they had suffered from a personal tragedy, in some cases a suicide, associated with the evacuation of their homes. Check this out:

The speed at which Sharon is trying to expell the Jews from Gush Katif is horrifying. If you think for a second the Israel Supreme Court would let Sharon get away with this to Arabs, you don't live in reality.

If you wish - I can help bring such issues to light proving that you don't really see the entirety of what you think is going on in Gush Katif.

May we be zocheh to a Geula Shleyma quickly.


At 5/11/2005 6:06 AM, Blogger The Rabbi's Kid said...


Thanks for your comment. A couple of points (I had more but blogger chewed them up and spat them out!)

1) Please read my letter to the tsfonim, I think it answers your points about me not getting it.

2) I was NOT referring to GK as illegal, rather other illegal outposts in the Shomron that the army has removed.

3) I hope and pray that Israel comes through whatever happens in one piece.



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