Monday, April 11, 2005

Dating friends

What seems to be a big issue in some singles communities is the dating friends problem. People hang out, meet people of the opposite gender and become friends. Nothing too wrong with that. Then somone asks you if you would like to be set up with her. "No thanks, we are already friends". I've used that line often enough.

But so what? I know a number of couples who were friendly for years before they got together. I can't explain it. Maybe the physical attraction grew, maybe they got desperate and settled, maybe they had misjudged the person originally and then got to know them. Who knows?

What am I supposed to conclude from this? I think I do have one or two friends that I would consider dating.

Maybe the problem is of Marxian proportions - Groucho, not Karl:

"I wouldn't consider marrying anyone who would want me as a husband"



At 4/11/2005 6:59 AM, Anonymous Chanandler Bong said...

Whatever happened to when you used to answer your comments? What happened to the heimish, close-personal-attention? Where have the glory days gone?!

At 4/11/2005 2:21 PM, Blogger The Rabbi's Kid said...

sorry cb, been busy. am here for you now. what's up?

At 4/11/2005 2:27 PM, Blogger Muslim Princess said...

Nice post. Just returning the comment :].
~Muslim Princess~

At 4/11/2005 3:26 PM, Anonymous CB said...

I've been busy too, but I still make time for you! *sniff*

At 4/11/2005 4:27 PM, Blogger The Rabbi's Kid said...


life stinks. men are unreliable. live with it.



At 4/13/2005 4:36 PM, Blogger Karl said...

The proverbial grass is always greener. We think that some thing we dont know about will be better than what we already know. The been there done that, who's next line. Its all a mind thing.


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