Sunday, April 10, 2005

Pesach time - take another mortgage

It's not enough that people (mainly women) up and down the land have to scrub and clean floors, surfaces, behind fridges, in ovens, under beds, in nooks and crannies to find crumbs that are not fit to be peed on by a dog, never mind eaten by one. Every year we find more items to be machmir about, forcing families to spend more. We also demand that families go out and spend extortionate amounts on kosher lepesach materials that we never knew we had to buy. I'd like to see a study on how much extra kosher lepesach food is compared to the equivalent rest of the year prices. I accept that more supervision has to go into it, but the excessive prices are not justified.

What ever happened to "chasa rachmana al mamonam shel yisrael"? G-d has pity on our expenditure. Do we not have Rabbis of great enough stature to alleviate the quantity of house-cleaning that people feel they have to undertake? Why don't we enact takkanot regulating how much extra a firm can charge for kosher lepesach items? Not every family can afford it. Let's start a name and shame system on the web where we expose those firms taking advantage of the chag to unreasonably raise their prices. A concerted effort by our community will make a difference.

The battle starts here.



At 4/10/2005 1:08 PM, Anonymous Chanandler Bong said...

It's very easy to name and shame, but it's also a very risky business. Granted, there are some large (in the Jewish scale, anyway) companies that make a killing over Pesach. In reality, though, many (if not most, I don't know the statistics) kosher product companies, especially the companies that make Pesach products exclusively, are small and owned by a family or a small group of families, who make the bulk of their parnasa for the entire year just on Pesach products. It's not so simple to say that they should be outed or boycotted or regulated. The market is what the market is. No one needs more than matza and potatoes and eggs to get through a pesach, so just because non-gebroks potato starch elbow macaroni is expensive doesn't mean that every poor family has to buy it. Boohoo.

At 4/10/2005 3:50 PM, Blogger LostSpirit said...

"It's not enough that people (mainly women) up and down the land have to scrub and clean floors, surfaces, behind fridges, in ovens, under beds, in nooks and crannies to find crumbs"

I am protesting against your sexism, how dare u say it’s mainly women, when we men have to take the hardest task that on the night before pasuch we have to spent all of 10 minutes and in that time find that elusive crumb that our wives with all there weeks of sweating did not bag!!!!

At 4/11/2005 2:28 PM, Blogger The Rabbi's Kid said...

CB, I disagree. Let's be realistic, a family needs more than just your basics, and a large family on a small income shouldn't have to spend significantly more than they usually do just because the food needs to be kosher lepesach. Also, it seems like some organisations and rabbis try and outdo each other every year to see who can be more machmir. It has to stop.

LS, I wish there was something I could do. I wish I could convene a sanhedrin and enact a few basic decrees. 1) husbands must help. 2) families need only clean on a basic level. DUST IS NOT CHOMETZ. 3) products cannot be more than 10% more expensive just because they are now kosher lepesach. That's for starters. My sanhedrin is going to have it's work cut out, I can tell you.


At 4/14/2005 12:19 AM, Blogger LostSpirit said...

Well when the sanhedrin site please let me know as I have a few more important decrees for u to address!!!

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