Thursday, September 29, 2005

Confession time pre-RH

I discontinued the "Confessions of a Rabbi's Kid" series, it became too personal and too juicy. However, in light of the Rambam's statement that we should confess publicly our sins to our fellow (wo)man, I humbly beg forgiveness for the following:

1. I slandered whole groups of people, mainly Charedim and Arabs. Statements like "Why don't those backwards, extremist UO Jews with their holier-than thou snobby chumraisms get a job, a life and an education?" and (post-pigua) "Let's carpet bomb Ramallah and Gaza like the Allies did to Dresden - that'll teach the murdering scum a thing or two". Neither statement is justified or warranted about generally peace-loving normal ordinary people who wish to get on with life and serve G-d.

2. Due to my overly flirtatious nature, I have probably messed around with some female minds and emotions. It is an impulse, one that I must keep under control will try and do so.

3. I'm also not the most sensitive of people, so I'll make fun or blurt out comments that are better left unsaid. For all that I am sorry and promise to improve.

There's obviously lots more, but I think this will suffice for one session. I'll have further posts about Teshuva and forgiveness, them being major topics in my life right now.



At 9/29/2005 6:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

forgiven, say 3 hail marys and make a donation to your local yeshiva.

At 9/29/2005 8:18 PM, Blogger The Rabbi's Kid said...

is that a charedi Yeshiva or a modern one ;-)

At 9/30/2005 1:08 AM, Blogger Karl said...

I don't think the Rambam considered a blogging confession, public. But I guess its halfway there. You are forgiven from me (I'm not sure what for) but shouldent it be told to who those who you refer to.
Shana Tova Tikateiv v'Teichateim.

At 9/30/2005 5:48 AM, Blogger Chai18 said...

teshuva is always fun

At 9/30/2005 8:35 AM, Blogger Littleredridinghoodie said...

Wow! a heart felt apology from an XY – you have my forgiveness. I hope I have yours.



At 9/30/2005 3:14 PM, Blogger Mata Hari said...

i forgive you :)

At 10/01/2005 2:39 PM, Blogger Jameel @ The Muqata said...

"Let's carpet bomb Ramallah and Gaza like the Allies did to Dresden - that'll teach the murdering scum a thing or two"

That would be a good start. If anything, you need to do Teshuva for apologizing for statements like this.

Shana Tova.

The Muqata תובב"א

At 10/01/2005 6:54 PM, Blogger mousetrap84 said...

jameel - are you insane?? can you find any moral/ethical stance that supports such a view? can you find any halachik one? help me out here because i just don't know what to do with statements like that.

At 10/02/2005 4:36 AM, Blogger Jameel @ The Muqata said...

mousetrap:84: Am I insane? Tell me, what planet do you live on? We are in the midst of a milchemet mitzva. We didn't start this war; it was forced upon us!

When the vast majority of the polled Palestinian population support suicide bombings; when we run away from Gaza and the Arabs continue to bombard us with Qassam missles, the ONLY thing that will work is not "precision, surgical strikes" - but rather to put the fear of Israel back into their haerts. Thats the ONLY thing that will get them to stop shooting missles at us.

The Arabs do not view restraint as honorable, but as a weakness. If we we lob back at Gaza 100 missles for every missle they shoot at us, there's a distinct possibility it would have an effect on them.

What halacha do you propose that Israel use to protect itself? Israel has thrown close to 10,000 of its citizens out of their homes, removed the army from the entire Gaza strip, inclduing the border between Egypt and the strip (allowing tens of thousands of weapons to cross over) -- and they STILL shoot at us? Only turn-the-other-cheek terrorists apologists brainswashed by european liberalism can come to the conclusion that "its against halacha" to carpetbag Gaza with bombs.

You seem to live on a different planet.

The halacha is extremely clear; If someone comes to kill you, you KILL them first. Period. And if they have already TRIED to kill you, and massive collateral damage will prevent them from continuing, then its assur NOT TO.

Last Thursday (1+week agao) night, Israel killed 3 terrorists who were about to launch Qassam missles from Tulkarem (West Bank, NOT GAZA). As a result, on Friday night, the muezzin started screaming "Itbach Al-Yaud" -- "Slaughter the Jews", and "All armed fighters must got out and attack the settlements". I was thrown out of bed by the IDF, and had to patrol till 2 AM...on shabbat, driving around in my car.

What halachik permission was there for me to drive around in my car?

Luckily, enough military presence made the terrorists think twice, and they craled back under the rocks them slithered out from.

How about this: We've had massive rock throwing on our road the past month. So, the IDF put a curfew on the villages; no one can leave to go to work. Tough Luck. Collective Punishment.

Guess what? The rock throwing stopped?

Immoral? Unethical?

It worked, and its now SAFER for Jews on the roads.

Feel free to email me if you want to discuss this further.

Shana Tova,


At 10/02/2005 5:31 PM, Blogger ClooJew said...

The comments above not withstanding, TRK, you set, lulei demistafina, a good example for us all.

Kesiva vechasima tovah.

At 10/02/2005 7:05 PM, Blogger TwennyTwo said...

I forgive you! Thanks for sharing this with a gentile who ain't gotta clue.

I tagged you over on my page, btw, if and when you get around to reading it.

Ramadan Karim and Shana Tova, too,


At 10/03/2005 7:23 AM, Blogger LostSpirit said...

A K'sivah V'chasima Tovah and a year that all the wishes of our hearts are fulfilled

At 10/09/2005 5:01 PM, Blogger ifyouwillit said...

Gmar Chatima Tova!

At 10/10/2005 2:29 AM, Blogger Jameel @ The Muqata said...

The Muqata joins this blog in wishing a Chatima Tova to Jews around the world, specifically those who had a very hard year; The Jewish refugees from Gaza/Northern Shomron and the Katrina survivors.

At 10/10/2005 2:31 AM, Blogger Pragmatician said...

Not bad for a start, maybe you should work on humility next:)

At 10/10/2005 3:48 PM, Blogger Fraggle said...

I agree with someone above... there's no apology needed for wishing things to your enemies. At least in my book. But, you have inspired me to think about posting some of the things I have done. hmm.

At 10/16/2005 1:54 PM, Blogger The Rabbi's Kid said...

prag, what you trying to say??

fishstix, the problem is that most of them are not my enemy.


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