Friday, June 16, 2006

The top of the hill

They said the view from the top was quite simply breathtaking. The sheer sweep and range of the view would knock you out, leave you gasping for air, even demand you lie back and take it all in. There are those who are out of breath, unable to move for a few minutes.

It isn't always easy to get up there. Some girls, after a number of attempts, discovered the way up. A few of them realized that if you put your fingers and toes in the rights crevices you could make it up there quickly, and proceeded to do so. Others struggled the first few times, but when they got to the top they knew it was worth the effort, and they got better at it.

Some of them didn't make it to the top. Social pressures, nerves, religious issues preventing them. Maybe they weren't sure of the rewards up there, maybe they got close but didn't quite make it and gave up.

A few stood around near the bottom, waiting for a guy to take them to the top. Though they failed to realize that many guys didn't know the way up themselves, especially the novices, who also needed someone to show them the way. This led to a lifetime of misery near the bottom of the hill, never knowing what could've lain in wait at the top.

Many didn't believe the view was that special. It wasn't something you could describe, you just had to experience it for yourself and until you did so, you probably didn't know what you were missing.

So don't miss that view, get yourself up there and discover it for yourself.