Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Don't tear me apart

What started out as some bytes of binary
barely 1s and 0s through fibres so bizarre
became so much more

The relationship we built, faceless, nameless
across countries, oceans, continents
is extraordinary, more extra than ordinary

Not based on looks nor personality, but what?
Your thoughts, opinions, jokes
Ideas so pure and bright, shining through me

The time we invested, spent, never wasted
Energy from the soul, pouring into you
Emotions ripped open, eloping to where you are

My bank account, growing in interest daily
Even if we never meet
I want it to come to fruition, the natural way

How can you take that investment, those emotions
close it, cut them, brake them apart
and walk away?

Leaving me empty, soulless, drained, in despair
the emotional life-blood pulled away
my finances wrecked, rocky, shorn

Let nature take its course, its time
let the emotions go where they will, it's fine
that is the way of the world, the way things are and will be

I am the one who cries when someone dies on ER
I invest in my friends and hate losing them
Time cannot heal the pain

You know who you are
don't tear me apart